2023.08.21 - Latest updates: new features

We have continued provide updates to our products. We will now include the following new features in all of our internet camera products:

Fast Image Search: Our product comes with efficient image search functionality, allowing you to browse through images at 0.5X, 1X, 2X, or 4X speeds. Whether you're looking for specific moments in time or quickly scanning through a large collection of images, our product can meet your needs.

Photo or Image Encryption: Our product offers a secure and reliable photo or image encryption feature. You can set an encryption password according to your needs, ensuring that your personal or sensitive pictures and image files are protected. Whether it's safeguarding personal privacy or securing confidential business data, our encryption feature provides an additional layer of security.

Choose our product and experience fast image search and reliable encryption functionality. Our product will provide you with efficient and convenient image management and protection solutions. Trust in the excellence of Chinese engineering and technology to upgrade your image management experience.

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