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SPEED - 2K (2304x1296) Doorbell

SPEED - 2K (2304x1296) Doorbell

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SPEED DOORBELL 2K+ adopts a 2+1 design, which is a doorbell composed of a camera + battery module, as well as a USB buzzer. The battery capacity of the battery module has been increased to 6,700mAh. If the video detection function is turned on, it can last for about 1 month, and it can be used for about 5 months when the video detection is turned off, or standby for nearly 12 months. Users can also understand the remaining power of the doorbell through the mobile app.

SPEED DOORBELL 2K+ has added a new battery lock design. After the camera is installed on the battery module, it needs to be unlocked through the mobile app, otherwise it is difficult to separate the two. This design can reduce the chance of the doorbell being damaged by others. As for data security, users can subscribe to CloudEdge’s cloud storage and management service for HK$23 per month. The server for this service is located in Singapore, allowing users to use it more securely.


Video shooting picture quality: 2K (2304x1296) H.264 video

Night vision function distance: 10 meters

Waterproof level: IP54 waterproof design

Battery capacity: 6,700mAh large battery capacity. Voltage: 200-240V

Usage time: 3 months working time

Standby time: 6 months

Server: Singapore

Supported systems and mobile apps: Android & IOS Apps “CloudEdge”

Storage capacity: Supports SD card storage (Mox 128G)

Product dimension (width x height x depth) (mm): 132x59x21

Product weight (kg): 1

Package size (width x height x depth) (cm): 19.5x6x10.2 Package weight (kg): 15

Product Warranty: This product is an original factory goods. Warranty period: 1 year Company providing warranty: Suang Group Co., Ltd.

Cloud Edge Link:

Application Download:
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